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syllabic adj
1 of or relating to syllables; "syllabic accent"; "syllabic characters each represent a syllable"
2 consisting of or using a syllabary or syllabic characters; "eskimos of the eastern Arctic have a system of syllabic writing"
3 (of verse) having lines based on number of syllables rather than on rhythmical arrangement of stresses or quantities [ant: accentual, quantitative]
4 consisting of a syllable or syllables; constituting a syllable or the nucleus of a syllable; consisting of a consonant sound not accompanied in the same syllable by a vowel sound or consisting of a vowel sound dominating the other vowel sounds in a syllable (as being the first vowel in a falling diphthong); "the syllabic `l' in `riddle' or the syllabic `n' in `botany' when it is pronounced `bot-n-y'"; "the syllabic `o' in `oi'" [ant: nonsyllabic]
5 of liquids and nasals [syn: vocalic] [ant: consonantal]

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syllabicus < συλλαβικός syllabikós < συλλαβή (syllabē), syllable.


  • sɪˈlæb.ɪk
  • Rhymes with: -æbɪk




  1. Of, relating to, or consisting of a syllable or syllables.
  2. Pronounced with every syllable distinct.
  3. Designating a sound that is or can be the most sonorant segment of a syllable, as a vowel or a resonant. In the word riddle (rĭd'l), the two syllabic sounds are the (i˘) and the (l).
  4. Of, or being a form of verse, based on the number of syllables in a line rather than on the arrangement of accents or quantities.


  1. A syllabic sound.

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